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Current Corporation is proud to provide the Canadian law enforcement market with a variety of night vision and surveillance equipment.
PLEASE NOTE: most of these products can only be sold within Canada to authorized Law Enforcement, Coast Guard, and Military agencies.


Department of Fisheries & Oceans
Canadian Coast Guard
Police Tactical
Police Special “i”
Commercial Marine
Search and Rescue
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Night Vision
Tactical Systems
Long-Range Acoustic device (LRAD)

Night Vision

CC-7/73x: Night Vision Binoculars / Goggles

“Single tube, dual eye” Night Vision goggles. Utilizing the latest technology, its compact and ergonomic design includes a built-in three stage Infrared illuminator with incorporated momentary button switch.
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CC-14: Night Vision Monocular

The CC-14 represents unique ergonomic design that allows convenient single-handed operation and dramatically minimizes the probability of User errors in extreme operating conditions.
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PVS-7: Night Vision Goggles

Based on the military’s PVS-7 series, these ITT Gen 3 goggles come equipped with a removable 25mm lens. Download PDF

PVS-14: Night Vision Monocular

The PVS-14 is a multi-functional Night Vision Device that is commonly used to increase mobility and tactical awareness during night operations. A head and helmet mount allows users to view their surroundings through the illuminated eyepiece while retaining night adapted vision in the other eye.
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MK-880: Universal Modular Night Vision Pocketscope

Compact, high-performance, versatile night vision
system (ITT). In the standard configuration it is
a handheld night vision pocketscope with 27mm
ocular and 27mm objective lenses (providing 1x system magnification).
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MBSW-410: Maxa Beam Searchlight

A lightweight, high-intensity illumination system with an unparalleled output of 12,000,000 Peak Beam CandlePower.
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The Guardian: Visual Identification Beacon

In situations where being seen is a must, the Guardian sets unsurpassed standards in its versatility. The Guardian is an ultra lightweight, reliable and bright visual identification beacon that has multiple uses over a wide variety of applications.
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VIP Signal Light: Visual Identification Projector

The pinnacle of portable emergency lighting, friend or foe ID and signalling; where positive visual identification is a prerequisite for officer safety and operational success.
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Bosch AD300: AutoDome PTZ Camera System

Bosch’s AutoDome modular camera system is a
revolutionary new concept in dome cameras. More
than just a series of cameras, it’s a dome platform built around a system of intelligent, interchangeable modules that allow you to update camera functionality quickly and cost effectively.
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MIC-400IR: Infrared Surveillance Camera

The MIC400IR has been designed to offer an extremely reliable, robust and high quality surveillance solution for security applications that demand the very best performance.
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Zistos Recon Scout: Miniature Surveillance Robot

The Recon Scout Robot (model ZRS-IR) is a miniature, infrared illuminated, two wheeled, robotic camera for tactical video surveillance and remote video inspection.
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Zistos Under Door Camera:Dual View Under Door Camera

The “Dual View” Under-the-Door Camera (model ZDV) is a valuable extension of any tactical system. It provides a safe and covert view both forward-looking into a room and backward-looking up at the door.
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DTC 500: Trail Camera

The new MINOX DTC 500 is equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor and delivers outstanding imaging quality with pin-sharp details, high contrast and natural color rendition. With video recordings of 10 to 60 seconds the user can keep track of animal activities around the clock.
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UNS: Universal Night Sight

The Universal Night Sight (UNS) is optimized for use with medium-range sniper weapons, assault rifles, and machine guns. Patented technology allows the UNS to maintain permanent boresight retention for the life of the unit.
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MUNS: Magnum Universal Night Sight

Incorporates Optical Systems Technology’s proprietary and patented technology to maintain Permanent Boresight Retention for the life of the unit. The MUNS™ gathers about twice as much light as the UNS™ and can be used to engage targets at about 1.5x the range.
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Swarovski Optik Telescopes

Swarovski Optik telescopes provide outstanding image quality for observation. At the same time they function as high-power telephoto lenses delivering matchless photos. Vivid, true to life and diamond bright.
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Tactical Systems:

Zistos Tactical System

The complete tactical system in a custom carrying case.
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Maxa Beam Emergency Response Kit

The Maxa Beam Emergency Response Kit from Current Corporation features all you need in one complete kit. The MBS-410 Series Searchlight includes a motorized zoom that allows Variable Beam Size from a 1° spot to a 40° flood. It also has one-handed control of all functions.
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LRAD 100x

LRAD 100X is a self contained, handheld, portable loud hailer that outperforms megaphones and most permanent public address systems.
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LRAD 300x

LRAD 300X is a compact, lightweight solution for use on small vessels, CROWs and vehicle mounted armor. It can be easily transported to provide security personnel long range communications and a highly eff effective hailing and warning capability
where needed.
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LRAD 500x

LRAD 500X is lightweight and can be easily transported to provide security personnel long range communications and a highly effective hailing and warning capability where needed.
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LRAD 1000x

LRAD 1000X provides a directional audio beam that can communicate with high intelligibility over 88 dB of background noise beyond 1250 meters and capable of communicating over 3000 meters away in a benign environment.
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LRAD-RX uses its directionality and focused acoustic output to clearly transmit critical information, instructions and warnings well beyond 3000 meters. Through the use of powerful voice commands and deterrent tones, large safety zones can be created while determining the intent and influencing the behavior of an intruder.
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LRAD 2000x

Remote Communication on Demand with the LRAD STREAMER Kit.
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