• night navigator 1night navigator 1learn more about night navigator 1Our most compact, single camera system offers high performance for smaller vessels and rougher applications. Choose between our High Resolution Thermal Imager or High Definition camera.
  • night navigator 3night navigator 3learn more about night navigator 3Three Cameras, three spectrums, one system. The Night Navigator 3 provides the best available images, night and day. It combines a High-Resolution Continuous Zoom Thermal Imager, High-Definition Day Camera, and a Gated Image-Intensified HD Night Vision Camera in a gyro stabilized gimbal with 360° continuous azimuth rotation.
  • NN-3025-Jan-2013-160
  • night navigator 3000
    learn more about night navigator 3000Equipped with a Long-Range Cooled Thermal Imager and a Day Camera, this unit provides superior detection range and resolution for a variety of targets and applications. Uses include: early threat awareness, improved obstacle detection, small vessel detection, and search and rescue operations.
  • night navigator 8540night navigator 8540
    learn more about night navigator 8540The Night Navigator HSC is a High-Definition Night Vision system for High Speed Craft (HSC). The Night Navigator HSC includes on-screen display of lubber line, trim position, preset position, heading and more. The system performs its own self-diagnostics evaluating various components including internal temperature, humidity level and the pan and tilt parameters.
  • night navigator 8540night navigator 8540
    learn more about night navigator 8540Our robust, all-weather system for High Speed Craft (HSC) consists of an Active-Infrared Night Vision System with a powerful xenon light. The Night Navigator 8540 is certified for the HSC Code 2000 by DNV, RINA, Greek Maritime Authorities, US Coast Guard, Hong Kong and China Maritime Authorities and is the first-ever night vision system to be additionally Wheelmark approved.
  • night navigator m800night navigator m800
    learn more about night navigator M800High-powered (800-watt) searchlight featuring a unique optical design which utlilizes a Xenon lamp half the size of traditional searchlights. The Night Navigator M800 delivers a more intense and consistent beam where you need it.
  • night navigator 8540VTM
    learn more about night navigator 8540The add-on Video Tracking Module (VTM) for the Night Navigator is designed to provide the user with an array of video tracking tools through a simple one-touch tracking interface. The VTM provides quick access to the most effective and customizable video tracking options and also slaves to radar for complete tracking coverage. Easily integrated into Night Navigator 3 and Night Navigator 3000 installations, the VTM comes ready to use with the most effective object tracking tools to aid in navigation and observation.