Night Navigator Markets


Night Navigator Electro-Optical systems are Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS), manufactured in Canada and exported following Canadian EXCOL rules. The turret is rugged, compact, marinized and low maintenance. Night Navigator EO sensor configurations include MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, HD Day, Low light, Night Vision, Laser Range Finder (LRF), Laser Illuminator / Pointer and Laser Dazzler (non-Lethal Deterrent).

Night Navigator is mounted top of mast and controlled from the bridge, Command location on board or remotely. Typical vessels include RHIBS, ORC, USV, Interceptors, SAR, Hovercraft, Coast Guard, Fast Patrol Boats, Offshore Patrol Vessels and more.

Paramilitary and military missions using Night Navigator series include: ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) protection, Long Range Surveillance, Unmanned Surface Vessels operation, Maritime SAR, Safety and security at anchor and in harbor, Tracking of potential threat or man overboard, Situational awareness, Asymmetric threats and Anti-smuggling operations.


Night Navigator is the solution for improved security and safety at sea, at anchor and in harbour. With its top of mast strategic position, the Night Navigator detects, recognises and identifies all threats earlier than any other commercial EO system, giving the crew / security team a faster reaction time. Now further combining non-lethal deterrent solution to delay, deny and defeat the potential intrusion, the Night Navigator is must have on all yachts whose security and privacy is a priority.  

Both cooled and uncooled thermal sensors are available to yachting end user with flexible export license from Canada.

Offshore/Deep Sea/Commercial Work Boats

Transferring crew and equipment to offshore platforms, detecting and responding to oil spills, transporting equipment limiting bridge visibility, exploring new territories, observing marine mammals, surveying seismic research operations and floats, detecting bergy bits, etc. Night Navigator enables non stop operations in no or poor visibility.

High Speed Crafts

Safety and early detection of obstacles is key when transporting passengers at high speed. The Night Navigator HSC is the new generation of HSC code certified night vision device. With no external part, no junction box, it is easy to install, rugged and low maintenance. The night vision camera is High Definition, with focus and iris control for longest range of detection, quick and safe reaction to any obstacle in the course of the HSC. It is certified for the HSC code 2000 by Lloyds Register and Wheelmark-certified for navigation in European waters.

Law Enforcement

Current Corporation is proud to provide Canadian law enforcement agencies and search and rescue organizations with a variety of night vision, safety and surveillance equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: these products can only be sold within Canada to authorized Law Enforcement, Coast Guard, and Military agencies.

Landbased Coastal Surveillance Security Systems

Harbour and port security, facility protection and border surveillance are some of the land based applications that Night Navigator land based extreme long range systems offer in cooled, uncooled and HD day configurations.

Tugs and Barges

Increasing visibility and increasing the efficiency of tugs and barges in all weather conditions and sea states allows for increased production and safe operation.