About Current Corporation

Current Corporation is the manufacturer of the Night Navigator series of day and night vision camera systems installed worldwide on superyachts, workboats, high-speed craft, Coast Guard ships, fast patrol vessels and research vessels. In addition, Night Navigators are deployed internationally for coastal surveillance. Incorporating High-Resolution Thermal Imaging, Gated Image-Intensified HD Night Vision, High-Definition Day Cameras and Laser-Gated Imaging, the Night Navigator series provides the best vision ever for all marine applications.

Current Corporation continually invests in Night Navigator R&D for a diverse range of applications including anti-piracy, whale and whale spout detection, extreme weather search and rescue, and oil spill detection.

President: Gregory L. Menzies

Purpose – To save lives and property at sea.
Mission – To develop, manufacture and deploy Night Navigator™ camera systems able to see in more adverse weather conditions than any camera system today.
Vision – To change the way people think about travel on the sea, day and night.

Sustainability Statement

Current Corporation strives for the highest levels of customer and employee satisfaction, commitment to excellence, integrity, environmental stewardship and a safe workplace. We sponsor several local and international social programs through charitable donations.


Current Corporation welcomes inquiries regarding research-focused and eco-conscious partnerships. Our demonstration that Night Navigator™ systems can successfully detect and protect whales from marine vessel collision was performed in conjunction with the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Superferries. This work was featured on the Discovery Channel (watch video).