Our NN series systems are rugged, marinized and low maintenance. CURRENT offers various sensor payload configurations including MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, HD day, low light or image intensified sensors, and laser elements including rangefinders (LRF), illuminators, pointers and dazzlers (a non-lethal deterrent). These systems are typically mounted on the mast and controlled from the bridge. Our systems can be found mounted on various types of vessels including RHIBS, ORC, USV, Interceptors, SAR, Hovercraft, Coast Guard, Fast Patrol Boats, and Offshore Patrol Vessels. Paramilitary and military missions using the NN series include:

      • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)
      • EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) protection
      • Long-range surveillance
      • Unmanned surface vessels operation
      • Maritime SAR
      • Safety and security at anchor and in harbor
      • Tracking a potential threat
      • Tracking a man overboard
      • Situational awareness
      • Anti-smuggling operations

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