Job Summary: As a Marketing Coordinator, you will be a crucial member of our marketing team, contributing to the planning and execution of marketing initiatives to promote our products or services. Your role will involve a wide range of responsibilities, from coordinating marketing campaigns to assisting with market research and administrative
Job Summary: This role focuses primarily on developing video processing software for our multi-sensor camera systems and includes helping with priority development tasks within the Software/Firmware Team. The ideal candidate would be familiar with video processing pipelines and have experience designing a reasonably large project from the ground
Job Summary: We are looking for a skilled, multi-disciplinary individual to join our Technical Serviceteam as a Technical Service Technician. This role is highly collaborative with our Sales, Engineering, and Production teams, and primarily involves working with customers to resolve technical issues and provide tailored product solutions. This
Job Summary: Manager to develop and manage relationships with channel partners to drive sales and revenue. You will be responsible for identifying and onboarding new partners, providing support and training, and managing the performance of existing partners. The ideal candidate will have experience in channel management, strong communication and
Job Summary: This role will expand the capacity of our Software/Firmware team as we manage and develop the software and firmware used by our multi-sensor systems. Depending on skills and experience, work could include developing software for a new video processing system, developing GUI’s, debugging, developing firmware for motor control,


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