The Night Navigator™ HSC (High Speed Craft) is the camera system certified to the IMO HSC code and Wheelmark by DNV. It replaces the Night Navigator 8540 which has been installed on hundreds of HSC since the early 2000s.

The Night Navigator HSC's compact design with no external moving parts, offers a superior InfraRed image. Its rugged and marinized design makes it low maintenance, while its quality provides detection of obstacles in the HSC navigation path improved up to longer distances.

The NN HSC includes on-screen display of lubber line, trip position, preset position, heading and more. The system performs its own self-diagnostics, evaluating various components, including internal temperature, humidity level and the pan and tilt parameters.



Thermal Camera
Sensor Type Uncooled Long Wave Infrared (LWIR)
Resolution 640x480 pixels
Lens Athermalized Fixed Focus
Field of View 22.6°
Payload Specifications
Pan Range +/-20° from heading
Tilt Range +/-9°
Weight 5.2kg [11lbs]
Dimensions 166mm H x 348mm W [7in H x 14in W]
System Interface
Video Output DVI / HD-SDI - Optional
Video Streaming IP based with included 8" Touchscreen Controller
Environmental Certified and Compliant to IEC 60945
Certification Wheelmark and Type Approved by DNV to IMO Resolution MSC.94(72) for High Speed Craft. DNV Certificate number: MEDB00007RZ
Operational Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Power Requirements
Voltage 24VDC
Max. Consumption 50W