CURRENT Scientific Corporation (CURRENT), a leading Canadian manufacturer of electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) camera systems based in British Columbia, is thrilled to announce its latest contribution to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)

CURRENT will be supporting Federal Fleet Services (FFS), operator of the Combat Support Ship (CSS) Asterix, Canada's largest Combat Support Ship, with cutting edge maritime surveillance capabilities. This partnership underscores CURRENT's commitment to developing innovative technological solutions to keep Canadian waters safe. As a result, the CSS Asterix will now be equipped with a state-of-the-art EO/IR system.

CURRENT's camera technology will be integrated with the recently acquired MARSS NiDAR Command and Control (C2) and Counter Uncrewed Aerial System (CUAS), linking advanced hardware capabilities to the MARSS system. Furthermore, the integration of CURRENT's Night Navigator™ into CSS Asterix's surveillance system will empower RCN crews to support the CSS Asterix's day-to-day operations and to rapidly detect threats. The Night Navigator™ performs seamlessly day and night, even in adverse weather conditions, thereby significantly enhancing operational effectiveness, reducing response times, and improving personnel safety.

"We are honoured to contribute to the Royal Canadian Navy's maritime surveillance capabilities," said Greg Menzies, President of CURRENT. "With our extensive expertise, we are well positioned to provide comprehensive imaging solutions to the Canadian Forces, ensuring the protection and security of our territorial waters. Our imaging systems are currently deployed worldwide in various maritime and land-based surveillance programs, serving the Naval and Defence sectors, as well as the commercial and yacht industries."

"This partnership between Davie, Federal Fleet Services and CURRENT will enable the Canadian Navy to test advanced Canadian technology and will showcase Canada's technological expertise for the world to see. We are convinced this partnership will benefit our crew members and help advance Canada's operational objectives," said John Schmidt, President and CEO of Federal Fleet Services.

This partnership is the result of an investment made under the Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy, which underscores Chantier Davie Canada Inc. (Davie)'s unwavering dedication to fostering innovation in Canada's EO/IR Systems Key Industrial Capability. This collaboration empowers CURRENT to further the development of the Night Navigator™ technology, gaining invaluable real-time insights in the years to come. Moving forward, Davie intends to support Canadian technologies while reinforcing Canada's shipbuilding industry and propelling it to new heights.

About Chantier Davie Canada Inc

Based in Lévis, Québec, Davie is Canada's premier shipbuilder and a global leader in the delivery of specialist, mission-critical vessels to government and commercial customers. Founded in 1825, Davie is Canada's longest-established, largest and highest capacity shipbuilder. Our world-class workforce builds and sustains complex ships that enable our customers to protect national and economic security or fulfil acute business needs. For more information about Davie, please visit

About Federal Fleet Services.

Part of the Inocea Group, Federal Fleet Services is the owner and operator of Combat Support Ship Asterix and is a sister-company to Davie, Canada's largest shipbuilder, located in Québec. For nearly two centuries, Davie has been pioneering technologies in the marine industry, building and maintaining complex ships for their customers, including the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy. For more information on Federal Fleet Services, please visit

About Current Scientific

CURRENT is a manufacturer of high performing, internationally trusted EO/IR systems. CURRENT's flagship Night Navigator™ systems are installed on a variety of maritime vessels including paramilitary ships, coast guards, search and rescue vessels, offshore specialty ships, ice-class multipurpose vessels, research and scientific exploration vessels, superyachts, unmanned surface vessels, and high-speed ferries. For more information on CURRENT, please visit

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For further information: Marcel Poulin, Director, External Affairs and Industrial Participation, Davie, +1 581 992-8564; John Schmidt, President and CEO, Federal Fleet Services, +1 613 878-6491; Charline van Kesteren, Sales Administration Manager, Current Scientific Corporation, +1 236 333-3892