Current Scientific Corporation designs and manufactures stabilized electro-optical infrared systems for use in Naval & Defence sectors and Marine & Yacht industries.

At CURRENT, we continually strive to improve performance, quality, and customer experience, in order to provide innovative products of the highest quality. Our commitment to continuous improvement and leveraging the latest technological advances drives us to develop and produce solutions that push the boundaries of our industry to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

In the effort to develop our Night Navigator™ 2000 (NN2000) series we prioritized a timely product release over meeting our quality standards. Our accelerated product schedule resulted in performance weaknesses in the NN2000 series. In view hereof, CURRENT has temporarily omitted the NN2000 series from our product line until a redesigned version is ready in Fourth Quarter (Q4) 2024 or earlier.

Night Navigator™ 2000 series sold prior to Q4 2022 shall continue to be supported and serviced on a case-by-case basis without exceeding the standard life of the system or until an official EOL statement is announced.

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